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The theme Revelation is that which must soon come to pass so that the full glory of Christ will be revealed to all the world (Halstead 1). The hard truth is that the world will continue to suffer until Christ’s return. The suffering will intensify the as the Day of the Lord draws near. But, in Christ’s return, believers have hope in their suffering. Persecution, wayward saints and sinners, increased idolatry, weakness of faith, trials, storms, and pestilence will indeed increase. No doubt the suffering saints will feel the world groaning as it waits for the coming of the Lord. These things are promised and in them there also a promise of hope.

The structure of the book is a reminder of the need for salvation and the promise of permanent deliverance for those who believe in Christ Jesus as Lord. The hope of what has already been (Ch. 1). The conviction and praise as God judges in the present age. Condemnation for the churches who are weak and encouragement for the churches who have remained faithful (Ch. 2-3). The hope of a return to true faith for those who have shown pitiful belief creates a prophetic sense of urgency to repent and return to the “first love” (Rev. 2:4). For until the day of judgement, there is still hope. Those who confess that Jesus is Lord will be caught up, raptured, and brought into final judgement and then awarded their full glory with Christ in heaven. Those who do not, will face the judgement, then wrath of God.

That which must come to pass is the coming wrath of God poured out on all that are left remaining in the world. Nature will be judged; humanity will be judged; and the Antichrist will be unleashed on earth with seemingly unrestrained evil (Ch. 4-20). As the perfect justice of God is levied on the world, the glory of God to be revealed is more certain than ever before. Christ will be revealed to all the world in the fullness of His perfect glory (Ch. 21). All of creation will praise Him, even those who had denied Him. This is what must happen so that the Glory of God can be revealed to every person, not just those who believe. The hope in the promise of a new heaven, a new Earth, a new Jerusalem, and Christ, who will rule it all forever as King (Wood 163).

***side note: My 17-year-old son said just to write this, “Bad stuff happens so good stuff can finally happen, and that makes me happy.” While certainly not academic, I am thankful for his happy hope in the promise of Christ’s return!

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