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The Beauty of Personality

Mommas are special and we don't always know it right away.

I think I had to process my relationship with my mom for several years before I ever came to terms with our differences. Mom was stoic. I was emotional. On a Myers Briggs, Mom was a ISTJ, while I was an ENFP (both of us on the extreme of each measure).

She used to say she had no choice to love me (because I wouldn't take no for an answer). I also drove her crazy, broke her heart (yes, she had one), and kept her mind off herself. Mom would often ignore reality around her and dive into a work or home project. She was introverted to a fault. We were incredibly different...yet so much alike.

God knew she would be my mother. And He knew we would have much friction. By His grace, He saved us both to Himself...the unity in His Spirit was ultimately what made she and I more alike than different.

You see, personality is a uniqueness we get from God which separates us for the good of His kingdom here. We don't often see differences as goodness. But, it's a temporary separation. We often struggle against personality with others. But God has the perfect unifying plan through His salvation of us that equalizes and unifies us in spite of our differences.

The more I love Jesus, the more I love my mother. Knowing Christ helps me see my mom the way He sees her too. She and I share in His glory. We are alike...and will stay that way for eternity.

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